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"Invitation to the 4th Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship (AOCF) General Meeting"

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To the friends of camping community


Thank you very much for the warmest message from all over the world, and paying attention to the sufferers of the earthquake in Japan. And we, National Camping Association of Japan, will make a long term action to care of the sufferers in our own way as camp lovers. The process of recovery will take long long time. Please keep paying attention for them and support our action. Thank you again.

National Camping Association of Japan

Welcome to AOCF Website!

AOCC2009 Taiwan

The 3rd Asia Oceania Camping Congress
in Taiwan

AOCF (Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship) was established to achieve our mission that to develop international understanding in Asia Oceania through the camping and outdoor experience. We believe that these program foster people, especially youngster.

Now we have more than 150 members (Organization and Individual) from 16 countries. We encourage the camp and outdoor activities for each Asian and Oceanian countries by communicating, information exchanging, cross hauling and congress gathering. We had a 3 congress, 2004 in Mongolia, 2006 in Malaysia and 2009 in Taiwan, and we are going to have the 4th congress in Hong Kong, 2011.

Please join us !



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The 4th AOCC & 9th ICC in
Hong Kong,

The 4th AOCC - 9th ICC in HongKong

Nov. 4th to 7th


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